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January 26 2014
Merchants Monthly Musical Matinee featuring Bunny Brown with The League of Notions and special guests Sharron and Corey's Metagalaxies

May 2012

Treaty Records Presents
The League of Notions Debut CD

THE LEAGUE OF NOTIONS is like a time boomerang three musicians each threw back in the early 70s… Circling over decades & musical generations, it witnessed a changed world. It carried everything it heard and observed back home…

THE NOTIONS NUCLEUS Corey 'The Core' Cousineau: Lead Vocals & Guitars. Kachiro 'Kash' Figueroa: Bass & Vocals. Phil 'Chill' Hill: Drums, Percussion, Ambience & Vocals. They are 3 Fine Dads based in Toronto's Lower East Side District (Riverside, Leslieville & The Beaches) Ontario, Canada.

STYLE: We examine and reflect: Metropolitan Mores & Urban Street Life, throwing the boomerang of honesty, satire, & humor possibly best expressed as: Tongue-in-Cheeky. It's Savant & Politico with considerable Mock-Rock-Opera tone. We are not 'FUNshy' either of current social & political issues. We brandish: Music-Activism openly and advocate: "The guitar is mightier than the unplugged sword." Choosing incisive lyrical substance with musical credence we seek to make a pastiche of all styles: Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Ska & Roots. The band’s current original play list features almost 80 original songs, with new material a mere bicycle ride, streetcar hop or dog walk away.

SCOPE: The League's scope has been compared to: The Beatles have tea with Zappa or Iggy greets King Crimson for Expresso While The Moody Blues, Yes, The Doors, Hendrix and a litany queue… L.O.N simply try to have a unique independence by not following trends or pleasing consumer fads;. They are Dads yes…. but Hell they're still Rock & Roll Rebels.

CD RELEASE DATE: April 1/2012 (and yes we know what day April first is…it's the day before GROUNDHOG DAY)
LOGOS: Interrobang logo is a combined Question Mark morphed with An Exclamation designed by 'The Core' as well as the name logo.
LON MANTRA: Good Luck - Have Fun - Be Great ! (Mandated by: Good Luck Greg, The Chill & The Core upon entering: Record Mode).
CAUTIONS: We wear too much Plaid, Paisley, Polka Dots and Popeye Prints, usually all at once.
PRESS QUOTE: In the 'Chill's' Liverpudlian Scouse accent: "The League of Notions want to be as Big as The Beatles… but smaller than Jesus!"


Corey 'The Core' Cousineau: Lead Vocals, Guitars & Retro Specs. Corey hails from: Detroit: The Motor City, Home of Motown, The MC5 & The Big 3. He grew up with a shared interest in musical diversity ranging from: Rock, Blues, Reggae & Punk to Tin Pan Alley and Folk. He credits his Grade 3 Glee club Maestra with starting off his musical education in the Detroit Public School system. He is a self taught guitar player, singer, poet and artist, graduating from The Ontario College of Art. He was prominently the lead guitarist in Bobby Wiseman's back-up band: 'The Tall Skinnies' & appeared on his 'Accidental Acquired Beliefs' CD playing lead guitar. He also has played in: The Matriphiles and currently writes most of the band's material while soliciting lyrics from the other members. He is an avid cyclist and endorses Dyer Custom Canadian handcrafted guitars built in Quebec by our pal Reg. Corey eschews cellphones & cars to date and hardly ever wears headphones. He owns 1 pair of ultra chic wide vision retro specs,but never wears them. In fact, a great percentage of his wardrobe mental and otherwise is genuine vintage from: 'Back in the Day', or found on the street. Corey will play the occasional game of chess, does not wear shorts, prefers not to swim (in water anyway) and shares a birthday with John Lennon and James Taylor. He is oft seen riding down Queen street in Toronto wearing a custom helmet trimmed in silver with a flash of neon orange toque peaking out from underneath. He thanks his family for tolerating his absence during rehearsals.

Kachiro 'Kash' Figueroa: Bass & Vocals. Kash was taught to play violin at age 4 by his father, a prominent violinist in Paris, Madrid, and other European Capitals. Kash picked up a bass at age 14 and taught himself how to play although he later studied formally with renowned classical double bass player: Manuel Verdeguer for two years at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. Kash moved to New York City, and began to play with a New Wave band called: ' Ernie & The Imports'. The Imports released the EP 'Made In America' Recorded at Electric Lady Studios. It debuted as the top EP of Billboard in the EP classification after release. Kash, also in hos own right an accredited Engineer, moved from Manhattan to Toronto in 2005 and began searching & jamming with musicians at open mic nights. He met Corey Cousineau through his Artist wife and they formed an immediate writing team. Kash is also a technical specialist in IT systems and has a profound love of Astronomy and Physics. He is an addicted email writer and pens mighty tomes in response to the query: "What Time is It?" Kash's two younger brothers are each Principals at The New York Metropolitan Opera. Rafael Figueroa is the principal cellist and Narciso Figueroa is The principal Violinist. This is the first time his brother has appeared on a non classical CD and performed on 4 tracks: The Park In The Dark, Hope, Daisy & Morning. His extending family are Symphony Conductors and His parents were both University Professors of Music.

Phil 'Chill' Hill: Drums, Percussion, Humour & Vocals. Growing up in Liverpool in the 60's without a Dad, his Uncle & mentor brought a full band into his grandmother's tiny council house preparing a tour for Germany & France. Phil saw his first drum set, jumped on and bashed away merrily, until yanked, disgruntled off. His grandparents, both Choir masters & Organists (one also a cellist), never taught him music after this incident. He was quaintly irate when his uncle booked The Beatles in 1962 and wasn't allowed to help on 'The Royal Iris' a Liverpool Ferry on the Mersey River. Phil consoled, by playing early Beatle 45s non-stop and still owns them. His uncle he also lived with had tried to purchase The Cavern and asked Brian Epstein to co-manage The Beatles since he managed several bands touring Europe, while Brian just managed his Dad's electric store! Arriving in Canada July 2/1967 (the day after Centennial) & moving to Windsor, bordering Detroit, Phil was bombarded by American culture. Linking 'The Pool' & Motown musically, Phil's Mum gave him tiger striped drums for his 15th birthday. He has since performed throughout Canada and The U.S. and worked creatively restoring century homes he hid away in. Disowning his 2 Jazz clubs in London, he embarked on a 20,000 km N. American circumnavigation & sojourn with his 2 dogs. He swam, hiked and ingested Mark Twain & Woody Allen scripts. Back in T.O. he painstakingly built Greenpeace's main Toronto offices while playing in pop band: 'Mad About Plaid', Grand Champions of 'Star Search' and winners of $50,000. M. A. P. survived mere months and disbanded; no one thought to bring a record to L.A. He has played percussion for 17 yrs with Chris Smith: a Jazz/Soul artist and still plays with his High school Rock band: 'Mandrix' at gigs & benefits. After 3 full decades off a drum kit, Phil found a rusty band looking for a rusty drummer. That band: 'The Fine Doubters' became: 'The League of Notions'. Phil is also an accomplished visual artist, pens poetry & lyrics, composes songs and is an addicted sailor. He somewhere, somehow, misplaced his hair in the 80's. (Reward Offered).

* In Jan 2012 His Uncle gave a 1967 Hammond B3 to the League's cause so his wife would get her living room back. Unfortunately now Phil's wife has the same problem.

Special Guests

Dr. Rob 'Zen' Gusevs: Keyboards. Rob is one of Canada's permanent players, versatile from a Steinway to Hammond B3 to eclectic stylizing on synths of varying Japanese origin. He still tours with Blood, Sweat & Tears and was in The Sister's Euclid with Kevin Breit for 12 years. He has a PCHD (Phil 'Chill' Hill degree in Calm).
Rafael Figueroa: Cello. Rafael is The current Principal Cellist at The New York Metropolitan Opera.
Chris Church: Fiddle. Chris has played with Jessie Cook for almost forever.
Roly Platt: Harmonica. Simply in a league of his own.
Backing Vocalists: Lis Soderberg, Celina Carroll, Sharron McLeod, Chris Smith, & Cody Fenwick

The League of Notions


Quote #1: From Will Lee, Bass player from The Tonight Show Band. (Late Night with David Letterman): Man, I love these—they put me in a great mood and I love all the textures & lightness of feeling in the vocals!

Quote#2. Owen Jones: Former Entertainment Writer, The Windsor Star: Well done! "An eclectic mix of styles well executed. Solid pop rhythm tracks bolstered by motormouth frontman's often-clever lyrics." That's probably along the lines of how I would sum it up if I were still writing reviews, which I'm not (so if you ever use the quote, you have to credit me as "retired entertainment writer formerly with The Windsor Star").

Quote #3: Rafael Figueroa: Principal Cellist The New York Metropolitan Opera: As I told my brother, I cannot begin to tell you how much fun and how much it means to me to be a part of this beautiful project in which you all are putting so much of your lives, to say the least The band sounds awesome. It is organic. It is clearly a product of your lives put together and I know that it is going to be a great success.

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